Operator onboarding

K3 AVS Operator Configuration Guide

Step 1

Pull the docker image from the Docker Hub

docker pull k3official/k3-labs-avs-operator:latest
Step 2

Populate the .env file with all the required information. Copy the below template. Ensure no variable are encapsulated in double quotes (“ “)

iconFascinating piece of information.

You can leave below configuration as is. For testnet purposes we are covering part of the usage

1 L1_RPC = # Your Holesky RPC2 L1_RPC = # Your AMOY RPC RPC
3 PRIVATE_KEY= # Operator private key
4 # You can leave the below values as is.
5 L1_CHAIN= 170006 L2_CHAIN= 80002
7 PINATA_API_KEY= d358585196381e27025f8 PINATA_SECRET_API_KEY= 27980e9073bceed412ba702dd4a4f18e0ee716b27ba800da3674323e09c32e3c
9 TASK_PERFORMER= 0x3c7a1a9c769009D21fe2FCfb08c7334919F641fe
10 ATTESTATION_CENTER_ADDRESS 0x1902fF411F388C5ae4555260E25B9d43288f5FaE11 OTHENTIC_REGISTRY_ADDRESS 0x41994741eD86Ec48e9578d0f64839E3F546466Fa12 AVS_GOVERNANCE_ADDRESS= 0x2662e4774fbF5dEE8cDDAC2b0B17E8B4C458300a
13 IPFS_HOST= https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/14 IPFS_API= https://api.pinata.cloud15 IPFS_JWT=
16 OTHENTIC_BOOTSTRAP_ID= 12D3KooWBNFG1QjuF3UKAKvqhdXcxh9iBmj88cM5eU2EK5Pa91KB17 OTHENTIC_BOOTSTRAP_SEED 97a64de0fb18532d4ce56fb35b730aedec993032b533f783b04c9175d465d9bf
18 APP_ID= 1234
22 AVS_WEBAPI_URL= http://localhost23 AVS_WEBAPI_PORT= 400224 PERFORMER_PORT= 300025 AGGREGATOR_PORT= 8000
27 ST_ETH_CONTRACT_ADDRESS 0x3F1c547b21f65e10480dE3ad8E19fAAC46C9503428 ST_ETH_STAKE_AMOUNT= 1000000000000000029 EL_STRATEGY_MANAGER_ADDRESS 0xA744429bf286789225308a81A5a4b8049562A36230 EL_DELETEGATION_MANAGER_ADDRESS 0xA44151489861Fe9e3055d95adC98FbD462B948e7
Step 3

Before you can run the docker image, you have to first register yourself as an operator on the eignelayer holesky testnet network. To do this, run the following command.

iconFascinating piece of information.

You can leave below configuration as is. For testnet purposes we are covering part of the usage

docker run --env-file .env k3official/k3-labs-avs-operator register

By default, this script will stake 0.01ETH and use it to register your address on the eigenlayer network. If you wish to stake a different amount of ETH add the ST_ETH_STAKE_AMOUNT variable to the .env file, specifying the amount of ETH you’d like to stake in WEI

Step 4

After step 3 is complete, you are ready to run one of 2 modes of serving our network. Either as an attester or a performer (you can't use both with the same PRIVATE KEY)

docker run --env-file .env --network host k3official/k3-labs-avs-operator attestericon
docker run --env-file .env --network host k3official/k3-labs-avs-operator performericon

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